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Response to Epistle Game: Guidance with Raising Support 1.0 7.19.17



1. This is a response from E-Guru, the founder of the Innompics, to Dr. Z's email  sent - came 7.20.17.


Dear Mike,

Yes, we can video record a one-hour Skype session. Please send we details on licencing.
We can also conduct a training of the U.S. Innompic Team via Skype.
I think I should produce an introductory video 'Innonpic Games: A to Z of Innovation 360' first.
I'll try to produce this 20-30 min video within a week. It'll help all current and future Innompic teams to understand what Innompic Games are about faster.
Our Correspondence
Please feel free to publish everything. We're making the World better and are turning it to the Planet of Loving Creators. There is no need to hide my name or any other information.
Innompic Gallery
Please feel free to take any information from website you require for your gallery. You may also place the Innompic banners on the home page of your infosystem.
U.S. Innompic Team
Professors and students / young innompreneur would create a great mix.Please let me know if you need any additional information from me to get the U.S. team assembled and sponsored.
Warm regards,


As an instructor teaching Business Statistics at Strayer University, I see the benefits of innovative approaches to teaching Innovation, particularly, through games & contest. Any student or faculty, present or past, can join the Strayer Innoptic Team. You do not have to have a super high GPA: just a desire to learn & share your knowledge of Innovation! Just create your posts: compete with yourself! Viewers' rating and a professional jury will help you to see your progress with time. You do not have to proof anything to anybody! Just enjoy your Game of Thoughts & Ideas and find your pass to better  YourSelf! 

Join the team! Support good causes and help Alma Mater to save on online advertising to give more to students!

2. One lesson from Life: take what it gives you for your and others' benefits. Life gave Dr. Z a bunch of ads that flashed on the side of the above message. Some might get upset about intrusive ads. But, we will post them below - for anyone to "steal" them. Why? We want to help both advertising agencies, like Yahoo! who put the ads in the mailbox and to advertisers to amplify their message! I would not say that I like ads: this is not true - and I do not want to loose my Honesty points. Still, I believe that the Life sends you signs - there might be an ad that you need to see, for example, about the Innompics:

So, take that ad and add it to your Web pages: help to spread the word! Take other ads and also add them to your pages: show to potential sponsors that we can help them to increase efficiency of their advertising! Please remember, though, that while sponsorship is importnat, your Honesty points for playing the Honest Game of Life are more important! Nobody cares about the Honesty points now. It;s OK! It took some time for people to realize importance of the messages that Innoptics is trying to send to the World about Innovation, Love, Personal Growth, etc. If we all do together what we believe in, those who are supposed to will receive the message!

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