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My Life Lessons from the 1st Innompics 1.0



Here is a preliminary list of bullets with my Life Lessons: please rate & make improvements:

  •  do not be intimidated by stronger opponents: some new teams faced more established teams who had more time to prepare. Still, new teams demonstrated creativity & came up with great novel solutions. 
  • combining systematic thinking with creative - out-of-box thinking provides a strong background for developing novel solutions. Some teams came up with great marketing moves by using creative thinking: applying systematic analysis could help to develop robust solutions  
  • friendly competitions like Innompics motivate people to unlock internal potential. We come to this life wired for struggle for survival, but the best is to compete with yourself - show the progress in self improvement.   

Boring? See if this music makes it more fan: Super Intelligence: Memory Music, Improve Memory and Concentration, Binaural Beats Focus Music


Author:   magludi1  Version:  1  Prototype:  => international team introduction 1 0  Language: English  Views: 33


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