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Innovation Tool Box


Learn & share your knowledge of Macro- & Micro-Innovation:

  • Systematic Analysis: TRIZ, Morphological Analysis, & more
  • Creative (Out-of-Box) thinking: Metaphoric Thinking, Sympathy Methods, & more

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In a thousand years of technical innovation (especially, the last 50 years), people invented ways how to invent: distilled invention methods that work in industry.
Similarly, evolution of non-technical (meta-physical) inventions in art, music, literature led to development of novel methods of creative thinking.
The goal of this gallery: to provide the Innovation Toolkit - methods that work in inventing technical (physical) and non-technical (meta-physical) systems.
Together, we can sharpen innovation tools helping people to invent lives not by the trial-and-error, but based on methods distilled in industry and Arts!  

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