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Benefits: Students



A student? Our goal is to help you to maximize return from your work!


Yes, we believe that there is value in students' work beyond the grade!!


Post your work online and get:

- free e-portfolios - showcase your work and take it anywhere you go

- collaborate - offer improvements to others or get suggestions: make friends in different countries & schools 

- add links of non-profit organizations and get service learning points: can help you to get to college or find job demonstrating that you are socially concious 

- get financial rewards - see here

- play your Game of Life creatively - by creating digital pieces of puzzle: get Fair Points, Honesty Points, Creativity Points, Learning Points, and more! - see here how to advance in your Everyday Life Game


Interested? It's easy!


Click New Entry button - to create a composition (post your work) in the corresponding gallery:

- any subject!

- any level!

- any language!


Click Start Project button to get your free e-portfolio: you can customize your pages, add your own sponsors, resources, & more!


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