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Sponsored prizes could work for you the best!

We are working on expanding our database of sponsors.

You can also make your own sponsor database: many local businesses support learning & creativity!

They can cut cost of their online advertising by giving support to you:

- the cost per click is 2...4 times less as compared with current standard prizes

- the click through rate (ratio of number of clicks to number of views) is hgiher than a national avarage of 0.8%


So, help sponsors to help you: create something really good that attracts traffic and get different kind of prizes:


1. monetary

2. free products or discounts

3. help towards scholarship


According to our experience, it becomes feasible to give $1 for each composition:

- on average, it will be open 20 times (i.e. $0.05 per view)

- an advertisement link will receive at least 2 clicks



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