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Licensing Fee



Attn: Not all features are implemented yet due to the patent pending status!


Do you create your own original content: art, music, poetry - anything?

You can license it to other users!

They do not pay anything in advance: only if they get any rewards from the creation using your original material.

You will receive 5% licensing fee from the amount they generate - we track that, too!


You can easily find out is using your content without authirization!

Just click on this symbol on a thumbnail image of your composition with your original piece and select: Find similar content  - option.


We strongly encourage users to ask for permission to use original content.

They can send you a request by using a template - see Template Gallery.

If you approve it, the user gets Fair points for playing Fair Game of Life fairly!


If a user uses your original content without your permission, you can:

1. send that user a warning - see Template Gallery

2. report it - file a complaint in the Complaint gallery

3. post a composition in the Unfair Users' gallery, Jail (eJail TM), or even Inferno (Enferno TM) designed after Dante's nine circle version!


These users can lose Fair points for not playing the Fair Game of Life fairly if their wrongdoing is proven. As Result, their pay rate goes down. 

This system is designed to make stealing of the original content unprofitable: it makes more sense to pay a licensing fee!



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