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Advertising Links 1.0



You can ask for donations (the Donate button is added to your gallery automatically), but we believe more in croudfunding, particularly, generating support through the advertisement hosting fees. 

That is how it works:

On average, companies pay $2/click to online advertising companies like Google have links to their Web sites placed on user pages. If a viewer seeing your post clicked on the ad link, we receive 10% ad hosting fee (20 cents): the online advertiser keeps the rest 90% ($1.8) - .
We split with you the hosting fee - you receive $0.1/click and we keep the rest to support this project -  see example below.

Still, if you are playing the Reality RPG and accumulated Honesty points, Fairness points, Helping points (for example, for helping to improve this very piece of puzzle!), your pay rate goes up, and you can receive 2x, 3x, etc. of that amount -

Interested? Then, fix this very POP - beat us at our own game and get 100% of ad links added by Google to this post if and while we use your version! Just click Use this template button, make your changes, and save as a new version.

Do not want any ads on your pages? Just unclick the check box as shown in the picture above.

Example: Google placed this AAA's ad on this very post:


If a viewer who came to view this post clicks on it, I will receive 100% of what Google sends us - I am the only author of this post.

If you offered an improvement, for example, a better - more clear explanation of how this works, you become a co-author, and we split the ad hosting fees 50:50. Your share will go up depending on your Good points (Honesty, Fairness, Creativity, Helping, etc. points). 


Author:   magludi1  Version:  1  Prototype:  => sponsor support  Language: English  Category: Competitions  Views: 195

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Is this piece of puzzle too boring? How about this Fun Image (Fimage) - does it make this POP more interesting? :


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