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How to Licensing Fee



Do you have samples of your work online?

The system is designed to let you benefit from them: license your original content!

Users do not pay in advance: you get 5% of the advertising revenues generated by posts using your original content.

What motivates users to pay the licensing fee?

#1. Users get Fairness points for playing Fair Game of Life fairly, particulalry, paying licensing fees for original content. User's pay rate increases with increased Fairness points. 

#2. It is pretty easy to do search for posts on this site with a similar content. Users who use the original content without authors' permission loose Fairness points and Honesty points. They can go to e-Jail and even e-Inferno (Enferno) designed after classical Dante's 9 circle model. Imagine, if the site becomes popular and Human Resource managers come to check your Fairness, Honesty, and other Good points! 

It becomes unprofitable to steal others' original content: why to risk your reputation and to go to an e-Jail or Enferno if you can earn more by playing your Everyday Life Game fairly and honestly? Want to join the Order of Digital Police to help to protect Fair Rules? Select a domain you'd like to guard and contact us at


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