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Sponsor Support 1.0



You can ask for donations (the Donate button is added to your gallery automatically), but we believe more in sponsorship. Why? Because sponsors supporting your project save on online advertising!

They combine advertising budget with a charity budget and support their customers!

On average, companies pay $2/click to have links to their Web sites placed on user pages.
A sponsor can give you $1/post and just with 2 clicks on a link to the sponsor's Web site, their cost is $0.5/clik (see an example below).

What to do: 

  • go to the Sponsors gallery and select a sponsor. You can contact the sponsor directly or send a message to us - we will do it on your behalf
  • find your own sponsors - you can add your sponsors to your own Sponsors gallery
  • trade sponsor links with other users - contacte them directly or us - we will do it on your behalf

Here is a specific example how sponsors save by supporting you:

This screenshot shows an ad Google AdSense placed on the page for this sponsor on this very site:

The sponsor will pay an average $2/click.

The sponsor saves on online advertising by giving support directly to a radiostation in Jonesboro, AR that has this company as one of their sponsors:

  • cost per click is less than $0.5 
  • support goes to users in a form of rewards when they create their posts 
  • sponsors can showcase supported projects in their own galleries - show community support



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