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+ ultimate crowdgaminging

Level I - puzzle together existing pieces
create super-masterpieces combining together masterpieces of Art, Music, Poetry & more!

Level II – incorporate your own pieces
any original work – from basic homework to scientific & art projects

Level III – Reality RPG/Forum RPG
any game

Play your Everyday Life Game creatively 
create pieces of puzzle (digital stories) about your life:
Save your internal world!  
learn, create, do good!
Save the external World
help people of the future to survive! 
Get meaningful enjoyment 
whatever you consider meaningful & enjoyment
Find your Self
try to play to understand what that is 

Why to play? 

Get rewards from what you have to do anyway!


Get your own Web reality show
you are the main star, director, screenplay writer, etc.
Test of your talents & abilities
get Fairness, Honesty, & other points 


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