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About Project



The goal of the project is to provide a system enhancing & rewarding learning & creativity.

It combines:

1. Ultimate crowdsourcing. It goes beyond a standard definition of crowdsourcing as solving specific problems by users. Users become sources of information: post their content and help to improve it.

2. Ultimate crowdfunding. It goes beyond standard ways to raise support for projects through donations. It helps community partners/sponsors to help good-cause projects by combining charity and online marketing and provides a number of novel financial mechanisms 

3. Ultimate crowdgaming. It also goes beyond the standard understanding of crowdgaming as a gaming activity involving multiple users. It enables users to play Everyday Life Game: a Reality Role Playing Game

The platform has numerous applications: from learning to family trees.

For example, in application to learning, it combines:

  • project based learning 
  • service learning 
  • gaming based learning 

Users interested in developing family trees can get

  • free galeries and make some of them password protected
  • their own sponsors & more 

Become a partner! Help to grow the project in your field: it is designed for any subject, any language, any age!

Contact us at

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