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Ultimate Gamification of Life

The Game of Thoughts and Ideas









There are numerous RPG systems: from pure entertainment to great educational games.

The focus of this Gallery: Reality Role Playing Games (RRPG or 2RPG).

The idea of gamization of life is not new! Still, with your help, we hope to build a unique system empowering one to play the Everyday Life Game creatively - by creating little pieces of puzzle (POPs) about it!


How does it work? Simple! You are already playing it! This POP is already a part of the Game!

Boring? Sorry! That is where you'd better become creative! Just offer your own version of this Intro 2 the Game!

Check these rewards: Creativity rewards itself (TM)!

The first central storyline (thread) for the RPG Forum started at the Museum of Super Modern Art.

Two teams: American & Russian were competing at this very Game (of Thoughts & Ideas)!

You can find right pieces of puzzle and improve them: the Game never ends self-improving!

The current thread #2 starts at the Museum of Contemporary Science.

We would be happy to explain more, but one of the main principles of the Game: Explain without Explaining!

So, you need to find the right pieces of puzzle to understand how to play the Game: it's self-explanatory!



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